Figueroa Mountain Rd / Happy Canyon Rd

The Figueroa Mountain Rd goes into the montains behind Los Olivos starting at Hwy 246, right opposite of Grand Ave. After about 10 km the climb gets serious: 950 m over 15 km which is an average around 7%.

From the other side, you start at Armour Ranch Rd and Hwy 154, just a few kilometers East of Solvang on Hwy 246. Armour Ranch Rd becomes Happy Canyon Rd after a few kilometers and after the about 10 km the climb starts. In fact you have two climbs separated by a 100m drop. The first one is 350 m over 5 km and the second 750 m over 10 km. Both climbs have an an average grade of 7%.

This is all a bit theoretically as I didn't ride this road yet. I was riding the Solvang Century during the summer of 2006 and didn't feel like taking the 55 km / 1200 m detour. According to Michael Barry's page, Figueroa Mountain Rd has pretty rough pavement and on Happy Canyon Rd you will encounter some fairly well-packed dirt sections.

If you start in Solvang, the Dan Henry Bike Route gets you comfortably to Los Olivos.

Figueroa Mountains seen from Foxen Canyon Rd