Foxen Canyon Rd

Foxen Canyon Rd connects Los Olivos with Santa Maria over a distance of 46 km. The road starts outside Los Olivos at Hwy 154. There are two more climbs of about 200 m each. But these are fairly easy. From the top of Foxen Canyon Rd it's a long descent into Santa Maria.

The road winds throughs oak and cattle country and vineyards. Towards Santa Maria, the scenery gets uninspiring and there is heavy truck traffic (at leats during the week).

Foxen Canyon Rd is one of three legs of the Solvang Century. The other two are Santa Maria to Lompoc via various backroads and Lompoc to Solvang via Santa Rosa Rd. From Solvang to Los Olivos you can take Dan Henry Bike Route or Ballard Canyon Rd.

Oak and cattle country along Foxen Canyon Rd

View North from the top of the first of the two climbs

One of the vineyards