Santa Maria to Lompoc

via Black Rd / Lompoc Casmalia Rd / San Antonio Rd / Harris Grade Rd

This is the backroad connection between Santa Maria and Lompoc avoiding the heavy traffic on Hwy 1. It's between 45 and 50 km depending where you start. There are a couple of climbs, the more significant one being Harris Grade. You gain about 200 m from either side. But the grade is less than 5%.

You start on Black Rd in Santa Maria and pass through an uninspiring scenery of industrial suburbs and agriculture. After you cross Hwy 1 you move through sand dunes, meadows and oak trees. Once you turn into San Antonio Rd, you follow San Antionio creek which is embedded into meadows and willows. The climb up Harris Grade is quite impressive with white rocks exposed here and there.

This ride is one of three legs of the Solvang Century. There seems to be variations of the route with an alternative going via Hwy 1 and avoiding Harris Grade.

The other two legs are Lompoc to Solvang via Santa Rosa Rd and Solvang to Santa Maria viathe Dan Henry Bike Route and Foxen Canyon Rd.

Lompoc Casmalia Rd

San Antonio Rd

Harris Grade - Northern Approach

View from the top of Harris Grade down to Lompoc