The bike I got

I bought a second-hand Redline Monocog 26 and ordered a pair of Ice Spiker Pros. I will put a track handle bar on it and potentially a rear disk brake.


The bike is mostly determined by the tires. Production studded tire contraint the bike choice to 26 inch mountain bikes.


It's sprinting, so 1 gear will be just fine. Snow and ice falling on a cog set pretty much prevents you from shifting anyway. This may even impact a single speed. A shaft drive maybe be ideal. Sussex Enterprises for example makes shaft drives.

A freewheel may be more useful than fixed gear for going through turns using the inside foot for support.


Not sure. I think any fork will be fine.


There is not much need for a brake. The ice speedway motorbikes don't have brakes. V-brakes may slow you down when snow and ice are building up around them. I'm thinking of having a rear disk brake only.


I plan to mount a track bar mostly because I'm used to it.


I'm thinking of high 70 to low 80 gear inches, will very much depend on ground conditions.