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Cycle Speedway

Cycle Speedway is a pretty big deal in the UK, here's a quick intro from the UK cycling site:

Cycle Speedway must be a contender for the title of most intense cycle sport. Races are short - usually four laps of an outdoor 70-90 metre circuit, lasting around 35-40 seconds - and physical contact is both legal and often necessary. Four riders contest a race, usually in pairs from opposing clubs.

The Riders: Top riders are explosive sprinters - but they also have stamina to enable them to keep going through a long match. Skill levels are high with slick starting, cornering and passing techniques essential. Strength is also required during contact with other riders.

The Bikes: Cycle Speedway Bikes are as simple as BMX or Track bikes - there are no gears, brakes, brackets, quick-release fittings, etc. Frames are often converted from mountain-bikes. Clothing is pretty conservative - most riders cover themselves from the neck down to protect against falls - and, of course, a helmet must be worn. Contact is expected, so many riders wear additional protection such as knee, elbow and hip pads.

Toronto Ice Bike Races

Toronto Ice Bike Races are organized by the local messenger community. There seem to be different types of races. I saw scratch races and a kind of Madison on Ice, but the exchanges sucked big time.

Coupe des Glaces / Ice Cup, Montreal

Coupe des Glaces / Ice Cup, Montreal are messenger races on ice. I haven't seen any details on the races, but fom the video it looks like a scratch race on ice.

Winter Games Finland

Winter Games - Bikes on Ice from Eki on Vimeo.

Winter Games 2009 featured a there was wide variety of races, from 'Burning Rubber' to footdown, ice-skids, drifting, the Granx Prix and so on.