Ice Speedway Tires

The studded ice speedway tires have spikes up to 3 centimetres (2 inches) in length which are screwed into treadless tires. Typicaly there are 90 spikes on the front and 200-500 on the rear. The photo on the left is from Wikipedia

Those spikes are probably too long for a bicycle which weighs less and has less power. But it may also depend on the snow and ice conditions. But hey, so far this all theory.

Homemade Tires

Here are detailed instructions for making an ice tire by the folks from Coupe des Glaces in Montreal, Canada.

The photo on the left is of a tire made by someone in Finland, photo credit.

FixieDave reports about tires "Made in Colorado".

Studded Production Tires

There are studded winter tires for commuting and mountain biking. The commuter tires come in 26 inch and 700 sizes and usually have around 150 studs, mostly in the center of the tire.

I don't think they are suitable for ice sprinting unless it's drag racing in a straight line on a frozen lake or river.

There a number of manufacturer of studded mountain bike tires led by Nokian and Schwalbe. Nokian top tires are the Freddie's SW 336 and Hakka 300 in 2.1 and 2.2 width. Nokian used to have a downhill version of the Freddie's with extra long studs which would have been the best choice for ice sprinting, but they stopped making them.

Schwalbe offers the Ice Spiker and Ice Spiker Pro. The Ice Spiker Pro has 361 spikes and only weighs 696g (while others weigh around 1000g).

The German MTB bike magazine BIKE tested studded tires extensively in early 2009, including riding on an ice ring, see video and photos. The Ice Spike Pro was on top of their list, followed by the two Nokians.

I ordered a pair of Schwalbe Ice Spiker Pro (at $94 a piece plus shipping)